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48 Well Laboratory Tissue Grinder With Ball Mill

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Welcome customers visit Rotavapor factory


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Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland

Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland


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Thanks for Your Huge Support, Friends from Germany


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OLLITAL and Tulane University's third cooperation


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48 Well Laboratory Tissue Grinder With Ball Mill

  • Model Number:

  • Compliance:

    CE Certified
  • Minimum Order Quantity:

  • Voltage:

    108V-240V 50/60HZ
  • Power:

    1 year
  • Dimension(L*W*H):

  • Weight:

  • Packaging Details:

    Export wooden package
  • Delivery Time:

    6-8 day
  • Product Details

1. This Tissue Grinding Machine is a system which has special / fast / high efficient / many test tubes etc, advantages. It also could extract and purify the original DNA ,RNA and Protein from any source (including soil, plant & animal tissues /organs,bacteria,yeast and fungi,spores,paleontological specimens etc.. );

2. Comparing with the existing other sample preparation methods, TP system is widely used,high efficient and flexible. This system also could avoid the traditional methods’ disadvantages such as ultrasonic processing laborious,time consuming,inefficient etc., besides, this system could crack and purify all types samples’ nucleic acids and proteins efficient,fast and stable.
3. This product also could be named as: Many Samples TissueGrinding Machine,Fast Tissue Grinding Machine,Many Samples Tissue Homogenizer,Fast Samples Homogenizer system;


Applied Area

Tissuehomogeneous material,grinding,cell crushing,

homogenate,scattered,preparation,sample blending, 



Microcomputer control, large LCD screen, display 

working state;

Adapter sample processing 24*(0.2-0.5ML) / 16*2ML / 8*(7-10ML) / 8*15ML / 4*25ML / 2*50ML
Standard preparation Two kinds adapter preparation could be choice;
Homogenizing rate 10-70 HZ/S
Anti-shock principle German patent , schleifen-1 operating method
Adapter material Teflon or alloy steel
Grinding method Wet grinding / dry grinding / low temperature grinding
Max feed size No request, could change according to the adapter;
Final discharging granularity ~5µm
Grinding platform quantity >2

With automatic center positioning 

of the fastening device

Safe lock when operating, Protect during all the process
Grinding suite material Converted steel  / PTFE (teflon);
Source Two phase 220V/50HZ
Operating time 0s-99min, customer could set by self;
Grinding ball diameter 0.1-30mm
Grinding ball material

Alloy steel,chrome steel,zirconia,tungsten carbide,

quartz sand

Acceleration Could get max speed in 2 seconds
Reduction  Could meet min speed in 2 seconds
Noise layer <65DB
Outside dimensions 280*400*530;
Weight 40kg.


1.TP system grinding machine is special up-down shaking mode, by grinding beads (zor2 / steel ball / glass beads / ceramic beads) with high frequency reciprocating vibration,impact,shear to achieve the purpose rapidly. This method make the grinding samples being more fully,more uniform,better repeatability and there’s no cross contamination between samples.

2.Large operating quantity and good effect;

3.This machine could finish grinding 2*24,2*48,4*96 samples in 1 minute. Saving time and labors,small difference between batches or in batch. The extracting protein is higher than live, fragment of nucleic acid is longer;

4.There’s no cross contamination

5.Sample tube is in a closed state in the crushing process, could use disposable centrifuge tube and beads. The sample is retained in the tube completely so could avoid cross contamination between samples and also the outside pollution;

6.Operate simply

7.Built-in program controller can set the milling time and the vibration frequency of rotor parameters; Humanized operation interface;


9.Using up-down shaking method which could let grinding more fully and more stable; The noise ≤ 70DB when machine is in operating, so it will not matter any other examinations or machines;

10.Convenient to operate at low temperature

11.If you need low temperature grinding environment, you could put the adapter with samples in liquid nitrogen cooling 1-2 minutes, then take it out and fix it in the host quickly, after this, grinding can begin soon, this method don’t need to be frozen processing again, so save the liquid nitrogen;

12.Good repeatability

13.Setting a same program for the same Tissue samples could achieve the same grinding purpose. The working time is short and the samples’ temperature will not rise.


1. Suitable for all kinds plant tissue including root / stem / leaf / flower / fruit and seeds etc. samples grinding and broken;

2. Suitable for all kinds animal tissues including the brain / heart / lung / stomach / liver / thTPus / kidney / intestine / lTPph node / muscle and bone etc. samples grinding and broken;

3. Suitable for fungal / bacterial samples grinding and broken;

4. Suitable for food and medicine composition analysis test grinding and broken;

5. Suitable for volatile samples grinding and broken such as coal / oil shale / wax products etc,.

6. Suitable for plastics / polTPers including PE / PS / textiles and resin etc. samples grinding and broken;

7. Fast and efficient extract the plant and animal tissue DNA / RNA / protein;

8. Fast and efficient frozen grinding and oscillation blending;

9. Fast and efficient wall-breaking and cracking the bacteria & yeast cell samples, even don’t need 1 min;

10. Faster and more efficient the food & feed grinding homogenization and homogeneous;

11. Faster and more efficient mineral and ore samples grinding and homogeneous, could up to 100 nanometers;

12. Faster and more efficient the physical and chemical analysis (atomic absorption,X-ray fluorescence) and third generation sequencing augmentation samples preparation;


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