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Lab Time Adjustable Soxhlet Apparatus For Fiber

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Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland

Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland


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Thanks for Your Huge Support, Friends from Germany


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OLLITAL and Tulane University's third cooperation


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Lab Time Adjustable Soxhlet Apparatus For Fiber

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Air extraction FIWE fiber very suitable for the analysis of crude fiber and fiber extraction according to international standard. Used to analyze the fiber in the fruit and vegetables and products made up of food.

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The materials produced stainless steel structure Epoxy coating
Group discount Hot or cold extraction
The number of samples FIWE 3 3 location
FIWE 6 6 location
Sample volume from 0.5 to 3 g
Remove template Used gas pumps
Waste suction function Use peristaltic pump
Countdown time from 0 – 99 minutes, There are audio signals when finished
Number of programs 20
The language selection I, F, UK, And, D, T
Capacity FIWE 3 900 In
FIWE 6 1200 In
Size FIWE 3 530x620x390 mm (20.9×24.4×15.4 in)
FIWE 6 760x620x390 mm (29.5×24.4×15.4 in)
The weight FIWE 3 35 Kg (77 lb)
FIWE 6 40 Kg (101.2 lb)
Repeat rate ± 1%

3 .jpgHigh efficiency when using the fiber extraction Fiwe
1, Quick analysis – about 2 hours compared 6 now when using conventional methods.
2, Very reliable results
3, Repeatable
4, Integrated pump tub of gas preventing the rule of Zhejiang glass fiber in choke.
Air extraction of fibre Fiwe with flexibility
1, Total fiber content extraction using technical methods Weende.
2, The use of hydrolysis with alkaline and acid by the method: NDF, ADF, Villaflor
3, Extracted Lignin use method: ADL và Of Soest
4, Can analyze one or more templates at the same time.

Convenient fiber extraction system
1, Heat stove used to heat the previous chemical RC2
2, Cup of filling fiber used to weigh, drying and sample washing
3, The heated by solid, avoid oxidation due to the environment
Choose the Model of your fiber extraction Fiwe Velp
1, FIWE has 2 model line with many different positions
2, FIWE 3, There 3 position analysis
3, FIWE 6, There 6 position analysis

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Soxhlet Apparatus fiber.jpg


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Packing and Shipping

-The main parts will be wrapped with foam,then put into the carton; the mainbody portion will be packed in wooden cases;
-Both neutral and customized packaging can be available.

-We can ship the goods to you by International Express such as DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS and so on, you can also choose the appropriate one based on your timeline and budget. Besides,you can choose to use your own shipping agent

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 Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus For Lab Using

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus(Soxhlet Extractor) For Lab Using

By Soxhlet extraction with weight determination of the basic principles for the determination of food, feed fat content. Set of immersion, extraction, solvent recovery, and drying in one, automatic temperature control, there is no leakage of waste, recyclable reagents, low-cost, high degree of automation.

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Soxhlet extractor apparatus is mainly composed by three parts, heating extract, solvent recovery, and cooling. According to reagent boiling point and different ambient temperature, you can adjust the heating temperature.

 High Quality Soxhlet Extractor Apparatus

Soxhlet Extractor Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Solvent extraction systems for safe determination of soluble matter in food, feed, soil, polymers, textiles, paper pulp, and more