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Laboratory test chamber HAST Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

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Welcome customers visit Rotavapor factory

Welcome customers visit Rotavapor factory


Welcome our India and Uganda customers visit our factory to see the rotary evaporator, we are grateful for your confidence and choose us for your dist

Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland

Cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland


In January 2019, the University of Eastern Finland visited the OLLITAL factory. And on the same day, signed a contract with OLLITAL for the pouch cell

Thanks for Your Huge Support, Friends from Germany

Thanks for Your Huge Support, Friends from Germany


After the third purchasing of test equipment from OLLITAL, our customer finally decided to expand their fourth purchasing into 19 sets. Without any vi

OLLITAL and Tulane University's third cooperation

OLLITAL and Tulane University's third cooperation


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Laboratory test chamber HAST Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

  • Model Number:

  • Compliance:

    CE Certified
  • Minimum Order Quantity:

  • Voltage:

    108V-380V 50/60HZ
  • Dimension(L*W*H):

  • Packaging Details:

    Export wooden package
  • Delivery Time:

    8-10 days
  • Product Details

Laboratory test chamber HAST Accelerated Aging Test Chamber 






Temperature control range


Pressure control range

normal pressure +0.2~2.0kg/cm2,normal pressure +0.2~3.0kg/cm2,


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity



Humidity control range


Humidity fluctuation

±2.0% RH

Humidity uniformity


Material / 

Internal material

Stainess steel(SUS316)

External material

Stainess steel(SUS304)

 Heat insulating material

100mm thinkness mineral wool


Impeller Fan


France Tecumseh 


Air cooling, water cooling 




Air-cooled plate fin cooler 


Nickel chromium alloy heating wire 




Inner size(mm)




Outer size(mm)W×D×H




Operating ambient temperature

+5 ~ 35


SANWOOD SH-5500    

Laboratory test chamber HAST Acceelerated Aging Test Chamber1,The controller operation uses fuzzy algorithm, the latest technology control, high precision, to achieve the best effect; 7TFT true color LCD touch screen, larger than other screens.

2,The man-machine interface of the controller is designed in an interactive and friendly manner, which is convenient to operate and more reliable.

3.With USB interface direct copy recording function, including historical curve, historical data, etc., And directly copied to the computer to view the analysis and save.

4. Optional RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface for bi-directional control of machine and computer hard drives to store data.

5. It can be connected directly to the computer via LAN or machine to monitor the operation of the machine and remotely control the machine.

6. Large program capacity: 50 sets of program functions, each set of programs can be edited 50 steps.

7. The unique non-condensation design and custom two sets of special product frames can meet the positioning of the framed and borderless PV modules, and the inner box arc structure prevents the water drops from dripping directly on the product.

8. Two test modes: saturated test (STD) and unsaturated test (HUM).

9.The vacuum function is used to extract the impurity air at the beginning of the machine operation, so that the environment inside the box is pure.

10. Fully automatic hydration mode, low water consumption and long duration of test.

11. Drying function: When the test is completed, the drying function is turned on to prevent the water vapor from being paid on the surface of the product, and restore the most authentic state after the product is tested.

12.Comply with IEC60068-2-66; JESD22-A102-C; JESD22-A110-B; JESD22-A118; GB/T 2423.40-1997 and other specifications.

13. Waterway switchboard separation technology to prevent waterway failures from affecting the circuit system.

14.Customized product racks can be customized according to product status (free)

15. The use of internationally renowned brand components, low operating noise, superior performance.

16.With 60 seconds of sampling, 250 days of real-time curve sampling and historical data storage are guaranteed; the sampling rate can be set arbitrarily from 3 seconds to an hour.

17. Multi-segment safety protection device: Over-temperature and over-pressure protection during the whole test, the ultra-high temperature protection inside the first stage instrument. The second stage instrument the internal humidifier , water shortage and anti-dry protection, high pressure protection, water tank water shortage alarm power off. The first stage humidification tube limit temperature protection, the second stage ultra-high pressure protection, the third stage emergency pressure relief protection, manual pressure relief protection automatic pressure relief; leakage short-circuit box door closing abnormal protection, fault alarm failure cause and elimination method display, warning light And buzzer alarm prompts.

Laboratory test chamber HAST Acceelerated Aging Test Chamber

Laboratory test chamber HAST Acceelerated Aging Test Chamber

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